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The Caner Brothers on John Ankerberg

caners-ankerbergIn 2004, The John Ankerberg Show aired eight shows with Drs. Ergun and Emir Caner on the topic of their conversion from Islam to Christ.

Those initial shows were viewed in over 180 countries around the globe.

This past weekend, John Ankerberg invited the brothers back to film an additional eight shows on Islam, to be aired this summer.

The topics included Global Apologetics. Liberty Seminary begins offering classes toward the Master of Arts in Global Apologetics this fall, as the only Seminary in America to do so!

The shows are a great opportunity to offer wisdom on witnessing to Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus to faith in Jesus Christ.

For more information on the Master of Arts in Global Apologetics, contact the Liberty Seminary at 434.592.3338 or e-mail Dr. Dan Mitchell at dmitchell@liberty.edu




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