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FOX News radio reporter Todd Starnes interviewed Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner fortheir coverage of the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. The interview ran both Monday and Tuesday on the FOX News Radio Network.

The questions concerned the ongoing Iranian populist revolt, where hundreds of thousands of Iranian youth are taking to the streets, protesting the recent alleged election results.

"The election was obviously a fraud," Caner said, "and the youth have
courageously protested. Repeatedly we hear them calling for freedom and

With regard to President Obama's response, Caner said, "(The President's)
response has been tepid at best. The world is watching and judging whether
we abandon them by silence or stand with them. We need to be stronger."

Starnes also asked about the growth of the Southern Baptist Convention and
the alleged decline of young minister attendance. Pointing to the large
crowds, Caner said, "Southern Baptists are the largest Free Church
denomination in the world. We are one of only four growing denominations in
America. We are not declining, we are just fighting. Baptists always fight.
Get used to it," he chuckled.



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